We Are Mental Wealth Investors

Want to build a thriving coaching culture, whereby engagement and productivity go through the roof?

We do this by raising your people’s mental wealth in group coaching programmes. Invest in people to play their best game. They will raise their game and the rest will rise with it!

What is Mental Wealth?

It helps to think of our mental wealth in a similar way to financial wealth…
We need to keep an eye on our balance.

We are often just about in credit, but when a big credit card bill lands or an unexpected expense arises… we end up overdrawn. By investing in our mental wealth, we can manage our balance, stay in credit, and increase our savings and live on compound interest.

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UD Mental Wealth

Mental Wealth: Our Definition

To have mental wealth is to possess the knowledge, skills and resilience to maintain and enjoy great mental health, even in tough times. Mental wealth helps us to thrive and protects us from having poor mental health.

Mental wealth is something everyone has a right to. It means understanding what makes us human; how to regulate our thoughts, feelings and behaviours so that we play our best game and help others to do so too.

– Alice Carroll, Hummingbee Works

Why Invest in Mental Wealth?

Because we can’t afford not to!

There is a growing awareness amongst leaders that the “human” stuff is the elusive ingredient that makes organisations exceptional. There are no shortcuts to building a mentally wealth workforce, but the return on investment speaks for itself.

  • BUILD E.Q.

How do we build sustainable Mental Wealth?

The only certain way of navigating uncertainty is to build a sustainable coaching culture so that you develop the resilience, agility and capacity to grow together.

We help you do this by connecting you as an organisation top down, bottom up and inside out.

icon engage


at all levels to capture and tweak your culture compass
icon share


fundamental human skills that build mental wealth
icon grow


this in coaching pods across your business
icon embed


mental wealth and your values and defining behaviours in your people processes
icon sustain


train up your own people to be mental wealth investors and carry on the coaching culture
icon partner


with your organisation to provide mental wealth resources for your staff

Phase 1: Leadership Engagement

Culture Compass

People invest so much time and energy into work.

Leaders, are you providing an environment where everyone can thrive?

Are you a good investment for your people?

We partner with leadership teams to ensure they are providing a cultural and behavioural framework that encourages mental wealth investment for everyone. We capture this together and create the blueprint for driving the behaviours and performance you want to see. And when the roadmap changes, when the unexpected occurs, your compass guides you all to keep heading in the right direction.

“Follow my compass, not my map.”

– Susan David, Harvard Psychologist and author of Emotional Agility

PHASE 2: Group coaching

Balance Boost

Our signature programme lays the foundation for investing in mental wealth and building self-awareness, emotional intelligence and connection.

It provides a common language and knowledge platform for everyone in your organisation to evolve and develop your coaching culture together.

We roll this 6-week programme out to small groups where roles and levels are mixed up to encourage connection and collaboration. Together we explore the uniting and challenging factors of being human in weekly, highly interactive live sessions, wrapped around with resources and chat pods to embed the learning

People learn how to check in on their current mental wealth balance and gain knowledge, skills, and tools to boost that balance, wherever it is.

PHASE 3: Self Awareness


Lifegaming builds on self and team awareness and connection as your coaching culture continues to evolve.

We use a gaming metaphor, which you will apply to your own life.

You will be invited to explore and try out different ways of thinking, seeing things and behaving, and support your fellow #lifegamers in doing the same.

There are a wealth of resources to support each session and embed your learning.

What is your organisation’s mental wealth balance?

Take our short FAST BALANCE quiz to discover your current level of MENTAL WEALTH

We will contact you to discuss your results in a free 30 Minute Mental Wealth Investment Consultation

Our Values




Hummingbee has 40 years of experience and success in the field of people development and people championing.

Our values guide us in our purpose: to spread Mental Wealth as far and wide as we can. Click here to listen to our origin story “How the Hummingbee Works” and find out how we came by our quirky name!

  • Psycho-education
  • Speaking Events
  • Coaching, training and facilitation
  • Career Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Behaviour profiling: Self-awareness, team awareness and dynamics
  • Neuro-linguistic programming. NLP
  • Positive psychology

Want to help us share?

If you are experiencing the benefits of building your own mental wealth and feel inspired to help us spread mental wealth even further, please get in touch.

You could be part of our very own “movement” by channelling some of your CSR energy into funding youth programmes and programmes for those who can benefit the most from this gold dust.

Speak to Christie to discuss

Who We Are

Alice Carroll Hummingbee Works Mental Wealth Coach

Alice Carroll


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Coach, trainer, NLP practitioner, champion of all things people.

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Positive, energising, candid, open

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Contagiously optimistic, empathic, insightful, surprisingly sensible!
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Christie Breen


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Therapist, trainer, motivational psycho – educator and entrepreneur.

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Informative, empowering, grounding and productive

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Motivating, inspiring, great listener, warm and fun