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Culture Compass

We partner with leadership teams to ensure they are providing a cultural and behavioural framework that encourages mental wealth investment for everyone.

How does the Culture Compass work?

The Culture Compass programme unites your leadership team in unlocking the true purpose, values and behaviours that define your organisation.

Your leadership team completes a culture assessment and we start from there – from exactly where you are! This determines how deep we need to dive. Some organisations have already put time and energy into this, and it is a case of light touch tweaking it and bringing it to life. For others, we may choose to start from scratch.

Together we translate this into a clear and accessible blueprint that everyone connects with, and is accountable for. We help you embed it throughout your people processes and bring it to life.

Define Your Culture Compass

    Purpose and vision
    Values, spirit, and guiding principles
    Create a blueprint for success through Behaviour. Contribute to the experience your customers need. Get where you want to go.

Start with the self

i3 Behaviour Profiling

A simple process with a huge reach. This behaviour profiling system provides a common language and a powerful tool to help explore self-awareness and team dynamics.

1-2-1 coaching session for leaders. As accredited coaches in I3, we start by engaging individually with each member of the leadership team, giving them feedback on their unique behaviour profile, their natural strengths and where they thrive.

Team dynamics session for leaders. ½ day. Sharing each other’s profiles and considering the cocktail of your combined profiles, collaborating to play to all strengths and mitigate limitations.

I3 can be extended as a company-wide tool, and we can support you to run this process yourselves.

Watch our explainer video on i3 Profiling

What happens next?

Once we have used the i3 Behaviour Profiling tools to fully understand your leadership and team dynamics, we then introduce half-day sessions to clearly define your Purpose, Values and Behaviours.
compass 1
Session 1: WHY


We work together to find alignment between your founder’s origin story and real-time data and experience, running a purpose poll throughout the organisation.

Landing upon a simple statement that has impact and meaning for everyone – both internally and externally.

compass 2
Session 2: How


From here we draw out the core values and guiding principles that unite you in fulfilling your purpose.

We acknowledge that “values are like fingerprints, we can’t see them, but we leave them all over everything we do” Elvis Presley

compass 3
Session 3: What


We produce a universal code of behaviours that serves as a blueprint for everyone and sets the standard for internal relations and your customer experience.

If values are our fingerprints, then behaviours are our footprints – the only thing that people see.

Sharing your Culture Compass

You are now ready to share the compass with your people and your customers.

This is what instils faith and trust in people that, whatever barriers and challenges may get in the way of your roadmap i.e your plans, your compass will guide you to keep going in the right direction.

This is your bulletproof approach to the future.

The simplest way to spread this is through the Balance Boost Programmes

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“Follow my compass, not my map.”

– Susan David, Harvard Psychologist and author of Emotional Agility

Want to help us share?

If you are experiencing the benefits of building your own mental wealth and feel inspired to help us spread mental wealth even further, please get in touch.

You could be part of our very own “movement” by channelling some of your CSR energy into funding youth programmes and programmes for those who can benefit the most from this gold dust.

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How much does it cost?

We charge on a daily, or cohort/project basis. Typically, we end up building long-term working relationships, with a monthly partnership fee for simplicity. We’re always happy to start with one-off projects to see if we suit each other.

Location and coverage

We are based in South East UK, and we work globally. Currently working with EMEA, APAC, Americas, UK & Ireland There are no boundaries for virtual workshops, zoom, phone calls and remote design work!

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