Group Coaching

Balance Boost

Our signature programme lays the foundation for investing in mental wealth and building self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and connection.

What is Balance Boost?

Balance Boost provides a common language and knowledge platform for everyone in your organisation to evolve and develop your coaching culture together.

People learn how to check in on their current mental wealth balance with a self-assessment quiz and gain knowledge, skills, and tools to boost that balance, wherever it is.

They can then track their progress and support each other to explore and experiment with the wide range of resources we provide.

Balance Boost Outcomes

Everyone becomes more:

    of their own resilience levels, emotional intelligence and what makes them thrive
    in building up their own mental wealth balance
    to one another and to the Culture Compass; purpose, values, and behaviours of the organisation they are part of.

The Experience

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Groups of 6-10

Paid NOT to think about the day job

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6 x 1hr Weekly Sessions

Same Day, Same Time, Every Week.

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Mix of Psychoeducation, E.Q. Skills, Self-Reflection and Discussion Time

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Simple Resources and Guides to take away and reference now and in the future

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WhatsApp Group for connection during the programme and Resource Library

The Balance Boost Programme

We shape the programme around our unique A.W.A.R.E process, which stems from neuroscience and social science and shows us what happens to our emotions – sensations, thoughts, and feelings – in the wake of any event/stimulus. We begin to explore how we can process this and choose our response.
A1 new

Animals – we are animals

In our first session we examine the physiological effects of stress and how to complete our stress cycles

w new

What I am thinking

In this session we explore some neuroscience and the power of our thoughts. We identify unhealthy thinking traps and try out the positive reframe

A2 new

Affects my feelings

We destigmatise “talking about feelings” and learn how to identify and express our feelings so that we can forge a stronger understanding and connection

R new

Reflect – the power of the pause

Once we have become more aware of our emotions, we stop and find our wise minds to process the implications and impact

E new

Energy – I choose where it goes

It is so liberating to realise that we can self-regulate and choose our emotional, mental and physical responses – beginning to direct our energy where it serves us the best

Train The Trainer

Ensuring Sustainable Change

Learning never stops. We work as partners to make sure positive changes take root and improve the culture and Mental Wealth of your staff.

Our Balance Boost Programme is just the start of culture change in your organisation. By ‘Training The Trainer’ we identify and empower key individuals to continue to embed mental wealth investment into your organisation.

We will train your nominated “mental wealth investors”, who have been through the original programme with us themselves, to continue running the Mental Wealth Programmes and make them an embedded, sustainable part of your culture. This reduces the cost of long term, external investment and increases connection and engagement internally.

You will have the benefit of all the materials, resources and delivery notes to run these indefinitely throughout your organisation and for new starters as they join.

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Personal Balance Boosts

There will inevitably be some people who are currently overwhelmed and overdrawn on their mental wealth reserves. They are not in a place to invest yet. Their capacity is taken up with survival and functioning.

For these people we offer tailored, 121 or small group, solution focussed support to help them get out of “debt” and into credit so they can start to invest in their own Mental Wealth. We meet them where they are. If more intensive support is required, we signpost this.

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Give your organisation a Balance Boost!

Embed your company culture in a way that improves your business and increases Mental Wealth with the Balance Boost Programme.

Our experienced, professional training programmes help companies to thrive by empowering staff and ensuring the company Purpose, Vision and Behaviours are shared by all.

How much does it cost?
Your investment per person for access to the Balance Boost Programme equates to approximately £1.25 per working day. That’s a couple of lattes a week!

We charge on a daily, or cohort/project basis. Typically, we end up building long-term working relationships, with a monthly partnership fee for simplicity. We’re always happy to start with one-off projects to see if we suit each other.

Location and coverage:
We are based in South East UK, and we work globally.
Currently working with EMEA, APAC, Americas, UK & Ireland
There are no boundaries for virtual workshops, zoom, phone calls and remote design work!

Connect with us to find out if we can do some great things together!